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Live Blackjack by Microgaming


Microgaming Software Company is among the pioneers in the online gaming business. Established more than two decades ago in 1994, Microgaming is one of the longest standing companies in the gambling business. It started out as a game developer for land-based casinos before it included the provision of games online. The software giant has well over six hundred slot games under its belt with numerous other gaming variations. Some of these games include slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, keno, craps, scratch cards, and much more, all of which have ended up dominating their respective fields.

With the launch of the live casino option for online gamblers, Microgaming was not left behind. The live casino option enables gamblers who would like to enjoy table games like they would in brick and mortar casinos do it on the online platform. That way, they can indulge in table games with live dealers and other gamers while at home or on the go.

Even though Microgaming is considered among the bigwigs in the gambling business, it took some time before the release of live casino, which was established not long after the move by the business to the online arena. Finally, in 2006, the software provider launched its live casino with baccarat as the only offered game. With time, the live casino option expanded to incorporate more table games, and now offers players a chance at various table games including:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Casino Hold’em Poker
  • Sicbo

These games are streamed live from the software providers offices in the Isle of Man. The casino setting is quite simple, and some argue it is too simple, giving the live option a lifeless look. In the beginning, the casino began with robotic dealers that did not work well in the delivery of a live casino feeling. However, with time, they changed this aspect to incorporate the use of human dealers.

Today, Microgaming stands as the only casino that offers Playboy dealers alongside their regular dealers. These dealers do not come at a higher price or change the playing rules. However, they come with an appeal that is not found with the regular ones. They deal on tables that carry the Playboy symbol and wear cute red bunny ears to give the table a full Playboy feeling.

Live Blackjack Features

Blackjack stands as the most popular of these options. This is due to the availability of the game in numerous variations, the most popular ones being;

  • Spanish Blackjack

This variation is played with an eight deck shoe, with each deck containing forty-eight cards. However, the tens for each playing symbol is excluded. The minimum possible wager is set at one dollar while the maximum stands at two hundred dollars. However, this limit can be extended for high rollers. The game entails that the player should look to attain cards worth twenty-one points or a value close to it at one hand. That way, they can be able to beat the twenty-one that the dealer holds. This is one of the few blackjack variations that lets the gambler beat the twenty-one hand that is held by the dealer.

  • Blackjack switch

This blackjack variation allows gamblers to switch cards between two hands during gameplay. It also incorporates side bets that come in different ranges. The objective is to acquire cards that do not exceed a total value of twenty-one. With a Return To Player (RTP) rate that stands at ninety-nine point eight seven percent, this blackjack variation offers gamblers huge wins on the wagers placed.

All the live blackjack variations follow similar basic regulations of play. They include:

  • The house edge for all variations stands at point five two percent. This house edge is quite high in comparison to those offered in other live blackjack casinos in the gambling business
  • All variations come with seven spots. Even so, gamers can place wagers at the table either when seated or not seated. Just like in real casinos, a gamer can opt to bet behind an already seated gambler. However, they will not be allowed the luxury of doubling down, splitting, or decide on anything regarding the hand dealt
  • Each
  • Gamblers are allowed to double down on their wager once a split has been called. However, the doubling is limited to only nine, ten, and eleven
  • Splitting will only be allowed once
  • Another hand is dealt after sixteen minutes has passed
  • The cards can only be drawn up to sixteen, with the dealer standing at seventeen each time
  • The ace of the dealer is insured and is paid two to one
  • In general, al blackjack variations pay three to two

On the live blackjack casino page, players are presented with the option to play when in full view (which is the default option) and add other games by the software developer to the screen. The display contains information on the dealer such as their name, birth date, lucky digit, and so on. The results of the last five hands that were dealt are also showcased. The rules of the blackjack games can also be found using simple navigation options that can be found on the home screen.

In terms of mobile compatibility, the casino has not been devised to operate on operating systems used to run mobile devices. However, gamblers who own some of the latest Apple tablets can gain access to the Live Blackjack option. However, it is only available in instant play version and cannot be downloaded as an app. Most gamblers consider the lack of a download or mobile version a shortcoming by the online gaming software developer considering it is a giant in the industry, and other software providers introduced such versions years ago.

Another downside of the Live Blackjack by Microgaming is the lack of a live chat option. This option allows gamers to interact with the dealer and other gamblers like they would in a brick and mortar casino. This comes as a surprise because the live option is sort of a norm in the live casino option provided by nearly all online gaming software developers, especially the bigwigs in the industry.

Casinos that Offer Live Blackjack by Microgaming

Microgaming games can be found in nearly all casinos, both online and land-based. Being one of the largest online gaming software developers, it is no surprise that various casinos would offer Microgaming’s Live Blackjack on their site. Some of the best casinos with this option include:

  • Thrills Live Casino – Thrills Casino has been in operation since 2013 and has managed to be one of the few relatively new casinos that have managed to again a huge following in the New Zealand and across the globe. Being among the top gambling destination online, it offers an extensive live casino option that incorporates live blackjack by Microgaming along with other live gaming options from the same provider. Even though the online casino is available in instant play, download, and mobile versions, Microgaming’s live blackjack can only be played on the no download version.
  • Live Casino Cruise – This casino has earned a reputation as among the best gambling destinations for various gaming options including live casino. The casino uses Microgaming as one of the providers to power their live casino alongside Net Entertainment. The casino allows the access of the live casino option though nearly all browsers in their no download version including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  • Guts Live Casino – Being quite aged to the online gambling platform does not limit this gambling site from appealing to thousands of gamblers across the globe. It offers some of the best games and bonuses online, as well as a live gaming platform from Evolution Gaming and Microgaming.

Gamers should note that live blackjack by Microgaming is only available for real money play.

Live Blackjack Bonuses

Microgaming offers numerous bonuses and promotions on nearly all its games, and the live blackjack option has not been left behind in this regard. When it comes to the welcome bonus package, the amount will be dependent on the gambler’s destination of choice. In most cases, the amount is not restricted for use in live games. However, live games have been known to make one of the lowest contributions to the completion of the wagering conditions that come along with the welcome bonus. The same case applies to the reload bonuses that are offered.

From time to time, Microgaming has been known to create themed blackjack games. These games are used for promotional purposes and are added to the already existing collection found in various casinos. Players can be offered bonuses for meeting certain playing terms such as placing a specific wager amount. The prizes come in the form of real money or free spins that are limited for use when playing slots by the same software developer. Additionally, various casinos that offer Microgaming’s live casino occasionally hold tournaments where gamblers get to compete against each other to achieve various set challenges.

About Blackjack

Blackjack dates back to the seventeenth century and stands as one of the oldest casino games that have managed to maintain massive popularity over the century. Also known as twenty-one (a literal translation of its original French name), this game has its roots traced back to France where it was first played. It gained popularity across the globe after the occurrence of the French revolution.

Blackjack, like most popular casino games, is offered in different variations. However, all of them follow one rule: the gambler has to aim to get a card value of twenty-one or a value close to that before the dealer does. The value cannot go higher than twenty-one (hence the name of the game). Usually, the gambler is given two cards with their faces up while the dealer gets one card up and the other down.

Blackjack has managed to remain popular due to the low house edge it offers gamblers. With some house edges going as low as point two eight percent, one is offered to hit regular wins. Additionally, gamblers can apply some skill to win at the game. The most common method of winning used by gamblers is the counting cards technique.

Gamblers that employ this method count the number of high ranking cards and low ranking cards that have been dealt. When the number of high ranking cards in the dealer’s shoe is high, they increase the wagers they place since they know they have a better chance at winning. When the vice versa is true, they lower their wager amount and wait for the next hand to be dealt. This technique is tricky to master, but once one does, they are capable of winning millions at a casino. The famous actor Ben Affleck has been known to use this method, which has caused him to be banned from indulging in blackjack at numerous land-based casinos.

However, some online casinos limit this ability by reshuffling the cards every time a hand is dealt. This is unlike other casino games such as slots that offer some of the worst odds in the industry and are fully dependent on luck to win.

Even though blackjack is a game of strategy, it offers gamblers lots of fun. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so widespread.

Final Verdict

Microgaming live blackjack is definitely worth a short. The low house edge presented gives gamblers a chance at regular wins. However, other online gaming software developers have managed to produce better quality than what has been presented by this provider. The lack of a mobile version has limited the number of gamers that can enjoy the live casino option offered. Additionally, the lack of a communicating channel between the dealers and the gamers has been taken as a downside by most gamblers.

Gamblers can get more information from Microgaming’s customer support team. This team has been praised as among the best and responsive teams among software providers. They can be reached via phone or email. A live chat option has been made available for issues that require urgency as well as an FAQ section for commonly asked questions. A toll-free phone has been provided but limited to gamblers who reside in the United Kingdom.

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