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Mistakes Made by Beginner Live Blackjack Players


Live Blackjack is a table game available in almost all online casinos. Set in land-based studios, these live blackjack table videos are broadcasted to a player online. Virtual casinos that host this game are compatible with a range of devices from desktop to smaller gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones.  

Types of Live Blackjack

Blackjack streamed live to a player comes in two forms. The first is the personal live dealer blackjack, which is super professional and follows rules that go hand in hand with that of brick and mortar casinos. The second option is the public live dealer game, which has a number of sides being shared. Different software providers have tried to come up with some of the best versions of this game. The game has variations on the internet which include:

  • Classic Blackjack

This version of the game is among the most favored by online gamers. It apes blackjack played in land-based casinos. For this option, players are expected to try and achieve a hand with twenty-one before the croupier does. This variation of the game can be played with two or four decks of cards. Doubling is allowed and so is splitting. Players can split up to two times.

  • European Blackjack

This variation is played with two stacks of cards. Dealer stands on soft 17. Doubling is allowed only when the player has a total of nine, ten or eleven. Splitting is allowed but only once. For this game, dealers do not check if players have a blackjack or not.

  • Multi-hand Blackjack

This variation is among the most preferred version. Gamers are allowed to play more than one hand in a given set. Splitting is allowed once. The dealer stands softly on seventeen and does not check for blackjack. Doubling is enabled when the sum is either nine, ten, or eleven.

  • Match Play 21

All tens are removed from the stack of cards used to play this version making it slightly different from classic variation in its mode of play. Some hands receive bonuses. Players are allowed to double or split. As is the case with the many variations of the game, the dealer stands softly on seventeen.

  • Face Up Twenty-One

The dealer’s cards are presented face up giving gamers an opportunity to calculate their next move precisely. Players are allowed to double after they split. Doubling is allowed on either nine, ten, or eleven. Dealers’ blackjack against players’ blackjack results in a loss.

There are several other variations that have not been discussed in this review. These different versions have slight modifications in gameplay and are among the most straightforward to adapt.

Beginner Blackjack Mistakes

Amateur players trying out live blackjack will be susceptible to a wide range of blunders that are easy to overcome with time. Playing live blackjack dictates that a player employs strategy. The tactic is learned over time and by playing it consistently. Below are some of the common slip-ups that beginner players show when playing this game:

  • Relying on a set system or strategy

Gamblers playing live blackjack for the first time tend to research on methods and plans to apply during gameplay for them to earn substantial amounts on the internet. Applying and sticking to approaches provided in these guides may be confusing and rigid since every set dealt has different patterns and cannot be premeditated.

  • Forgetting basics

Knowledge about the game at hand is an essential aspect that gamers should not overlook. A common mistake among many new beginners is coming to an online casino unprepared and hoping to learn from their inaccuracies. It is best that a player get to know what they should expect while playing instead of sitting at a table and using that to learn. The basic rules that govern the game are a primary factor that a player should go over before starting to play.

  • High Rolling

Live blackjack is among live casino games that are heavily dependent on skill as opposed to luck. Placing high wagers that costs players a ton of their real money is not an advisable tactic to employ. Most beginner players of this game, however, are among those that place high stakes with no strategy to enable their win.

  • Not checking table requirements

Table games offered in virtual casinos have different prerequisites. It is vital for a player to go through the various conditions set for a table before picking a seat. Low stake tables give players an extended period in the casino helping them amass skills to help them get to the expert skill level. High stake tables, on the other hand, may be discouraging to new players if they keep losing.

  • Playing for long hours

Players sitting at a live table should take breaks in between sets or play a set number of games per day. Extended hours seated at a live blackjack table can be tiring, especially for new gamers. Beginners should play for short periods as they improve their skill level before indulging for long hours.

Beginner live blackjack players should go through the variations of the games available and understand the terms and conditions set for the various types and choose one that is favorable for their level of skills in gambling

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